David B. Alexander

David B. Alexander has been guiding leaders and organizations for decades. For 25 years, this was providing consulting services on communication, data systems, and financial management. Since early adulthood, David has also been studying and teaching Zen and Tai Chi Chuan. For the last 12 years he has been working as a psychotherapist with executives, individuals, and couples for improving life through better self-understanding and better communication. He has a Master's Degree and pursued post-graduate training to be licensed as a psychoanalyst and gestalt therapist.

Integrating this varied background has allowed him to help increase the effectiveness of business owners and executives in communicating with staff and at home, and has guided high-level executives in large corporations in achieving their career goals. David has also led multiple workshops on communication, bringing together departments and individuals for more stress-free, effective communication.

Clients over the years have included extended engagements with Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Medtronic, NYU School of Medicine, Service Corporation International, Toysrus.com, and other large and small organizations.

David's emphasis in the business world is Communication with a big “C”. That is, when we communicate fully, using our authentic selves as a reference point, we create new opportunities for connection and for growth, both personal and work-related.

His Master’s Degree as well as experience providing financial management and communication tools for Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, manufacturers, and retail companies, has made him highly aware of the essentials for financial success. These essentials include effective management systems as well as employee and management well-being that results from clear, respectful, and authentic communication.

His training in gestalt therapy and psychoanalysis, as well as in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) combines with a deep practice of and teaching of Zen and Tai Chi Chuan to provide an understanding of what makes individuals and communities happier and more harmonious, a vital component of success for any organization.

David enjoys sharing his knowledge with others regarding the best practices for self-knowledge and communication, providing an effective and enjoyable path to fulfillment and success.


David B Alexander


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